Monday, 22 August 2011

An apology and a cry for help!

An apology is due to the continued lack of activity on the blog lately.

Not being satisfied with having a jiggered hand, my back decided to get in on the act and put itself out!  As any fellow sufferers out there will know, this is extremely emasculating and involves lots of moaning and grumbling, coupled with an inability to do almost anything productive!!!  Thankfully it's gradually eased off over the last couple weeks. 

We've also decided it's time to move house again, so most of my free time has been taken up with a (surprisingly large) number of little DIY and decorating jobs around the house.  

However, I have managed to finally put brush to paint on a Desolate and Soulless crew for Malifaux.  

I started out with two of the four Steampunk Abominations in the set:
Fairly quick paint jobs here.  In Malifaux, the sole purpose of these guys (four of them) is to charge forward on turn one and transform into the Desolation Engine, so I didn't feel the need to spend a huuuge amount of time on them.  I would have liked to blend the skin a bit more smoothly, but it looks fine from a couple feet away.

The guy on the left is pretty much finished while the other is half finished.

What I'd like from you though is a bit of advice on how to paint gore (the SPA on the right has been disemboweled.)  I've tried some reds with a darker wash, followed by some gloss varnish, but it didn't look particularly "gutty"  Just not sure how to proceed.  

I'd appreciate any and all advice!

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  1. Hi Vlad, red and dark red paint, then give a coat of red ink.