Thursday, 29 September 2011

This and that and not a lot!

Again, apologies for the lack of content recently.  Gears of War 3 has really eaten into my free time!  Added to that, the Mrs has been on holiday too, so we've been doing lots of "couple-y" things - walking and arguing mainly (only joking if she reads this!)

A couple weeks ago I was invited for another Dystopian Wars game at the Aberdeen Wargames Club.  This time a three player free for all agains Gaz's Brits and Adam's Yanks.  Again, this was starter sets (without the bombers) with the other two having spotter planes and dive-bombers, while I had two squadrons of 5 torpedo bombers.

This is how the game looked about the start of the second turn (we managed four in total.)  Each fleet moved to their right, but as Gaz had to deploy in the middle of the table, he took the brunt of both fleets firepower leaving the Brits with only their battleship with any guns left!  Meanwhile, Adam and I exchanged some minor fire with our frigates and fighters.

A very enjoyable game against two great guys.  I've missed the last couple club nights duo to a night out (and Gears, obviously,) but will head back next week.

Other than that, I decided to sell off my Flames of War Fallschirmjager army. . . . and build another one.   I've never been happy with the camo scheme on them and, as I have a infantry company box in the cupboard, a new army shouldn't be that expensive to come up with.

In keeping with my recent taste for historical fiction, I've just finished Harry Sidebottom's Warrior of Rome: Fire in the East.  A very enjoyable read, if a little clunky at times.  It's the first in a series  of (currently) four books, so looking forward to picking up the second novel in the future.

So that was the last couple weeks - not as much as I'd planned (apart from Gears,) but still somewhat productive.  Hopefully I'll get a couple more games in next week and get back to picking up a paint brush!

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