Friday, 13 May 2011

Flames of War - Infantry Aces

Battlefront have announced some more details of their Infantry Aces Campaign.  It sounds quite promising.

Essentially, it is a three turn campaign fought over the various routes involved in the Cassino; each turn having a battle at a different points limit (500, 700 and 900.)  Overall victory and defeat is determined through Campaign victory points, awarded for controlling the various areas of the whole battlefield.

The real draw is your Company Commander (your Infantry Ace) who gains unique abilities as the campaign progresses.  Hopefully, Battlefront will give some real individual and army wide options here (not just re-roll this, re-roll that) so there is an impact during each individual battle.

It's not clear how long (in human hours) the campaign will last, but with the small points totals, all infantry companies, hopefully there will be the opportunity for a campaign with a couple players playable over a day or weekend.

There are also options for multiplayer battles and, hopefully, a slew of new missions.

There's been nothing but good news about the Cassino book so far.  June's looking like an expensive month!

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