Sunday, 8 May 2011

Flames of War - Cassino and Fallschirmjager Preview

Battlefront have just posted some images from their Cassino book release, sometime in June.

The battle for Cassino has always been one of my favourite episodes of World War Two and hopefully this supplement will do it justice.
French Moroccan Goumiers
M6 37mm GMC

There appears to be quite a few Fallschirmjager releases, including. . . . . at long last. . . . artillery!!!

10.5cm leFH18/40 Howitzer
15cm sFH18 Howitzer

Currently, if you want dedicated Fallschirmjager artillery from Battlefront, you either have to buy an artillery box set (or the individual guns) and the fallschirmjager crew separately.  On the downside, there doesn't seem to be any scenic bases with the guns - hopefully they will be in the final release.

There are also some images of new gun puts and turrets, along with a quick mention of new "Infantry Aces"

All in all, this sounds like an excellent release and is definitely on my must-buy list.

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