Monday, 16 May 2011

Finally, finally finished - SS Flames of War Platoon.

So, after a long time on the desk, I've finally finished up this SS Panzergrenadier Platoon for flames of war.

They have an even mix of standard field grey uniforms, oak leaf, spring and autumn plane tree camouflage.

These are pretty much close to the highest standard of painting I can muster (although, in my defence, the photos have washed out a little depth.)  It was also a really good exercise in mixing your own colours.

I started these as a commission job for a friend of a friend.  He wanted a SS Company of command elements, three full platoons and a couple infantry support options.

Unfortunately, the week after I started, he backed out and left me with a with a whole pile of SS lead!

These can be used in my Fallschirmjager list as a support option, but I might just put these up on the 'bay depending on how I feel.

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