Sunday, 15 December 2013

One down, many, MANY more to go!

Well, that's me off the mark, one base of figures painted.  Having written that, it sounds more impressive than it actually is!  I'll have to wait for daylight tomorrow to take pictures, but otherwise I'm happy enough with the days work.  In some fortunate timing, it was my first day off in over a week today, coinciding nicely with the start of the Analogue Painting Challenge.  As a result, I was able to take a few hours to set up my desk how I like, look out some favourite pots of paint and generally gear myself up for the next few weeks.

Like many other participants, I haven't painted anything in the last few weeks, so today was a chance to brush off the cobwebs.  A few thought occurred to me while painting away:

  • More light!  After lunch, the natural light on my desk dropped off dramatically.  I'll need to dig out a couple lamps for afternoon/evening painting, maybe swap out to using daylight bulbs too.
  • Painting itself is reassuringly satisfying.
  • My home-made wet palette is a godsend, particularly useful for correcting mistakes, by keeping original paints usable hours after a first coat.
  • Listening material is essential to keeping your brain occupied during the more mundane tasks. Football earlier in the day and the latest D6 Generation episode in the afternoon.
  • My points target suddenly seems a long way away!
Another day off tomorrow, so the plan is to finish up another group of figures by the evening. If I manage that I won't feel too guilty about not painting Tuesday while I go to the final club night of the year.


  1. Sounds a good plan. I always play music when painting. Looking forward to seeing that unit painted up


  2. I always have either you tube with a video playing or listen to music while painting, good to read you have made a good start.

  3. Been listening along to various things myself today. Look forward to seeing your submissions.

  4. Looking forward to your work Vladd! I usually listen to audiobooks when I work (one of the few things I can multitask at).

  5. great to get started on the next three months of madness