Sunday, 15 December 2013

Everyone finished prepping yet?

Only a few hour now until the Analogue Painting Challenge 2014 kicks in.  As plenty of other Bloggers have documented, December has been busy with modelling figures, prepping bases and arguing about exactly what constitutes priming a miniature!

Dreadball figures aplenty!

Although not as much as I'd have liked, I've prepared a few weeks worth of figures; some Dreadball teams, the remainder of my Saga vikings, some 15mm sci-fi reinforcements and a few figures for the lucrative bonus theme weekends.

My Viking army.  Doesn't look like that much work, does it?

It'll be interesting, keeping an eye out to see how everyone starts off the challenge.  I work in retail so this is the busiest time of our year, but I have some painting time scheduled, including tomorrow as a day off.  first goal; to get off the mark.  Best of luck to everyone participating and for those not, I hope it'll be interesting to read about!


  1. Good luck with your challenge I am looking forward to seeing more of your work this year

  2. Good Luck Sir, hope you hit your targets


  3. As the other have said, good luck Sir!

  4. Good luck and yes... Everything prepped and ready to go)

  5. Very best of luck, I've found myself still preparing as the rest of the field has started - damn my indecision!

  6. Good luck sir! Looking forward to seeing how everyone gets on with the challenge.

  7. Good luck! I hope to get painting these afternoon but at the moment I'm stopped by a quite annoying hangover I have from yesterdays meeting with some good old friends... not the best idea when planning to start into a challenge I guess.

  8. Good luck mate! I hope you reach your target :)