Sunday, 5 May 2013

X-Wing Wave 3

Following on from Star Wars day yesterday, FFG have released some spoilers for the next wave of X-Wing releases.
The B-Wing looks like the pick of the bunch, with decent hull and shields combined with two lots of torpedoes and a heavy cannon option.  Also, is that a new icon on the task bar?
The profile of the Tie Bomber is far better than I thought it would be.  Just as well, as it's my least favourite SW ship. Able to withstand plenty of damage, the fact it can carry five loads of ordinance makes me think we'll see a pilot who is able to use missiles/torps twice per turn.  Just a hunch anyway...
As I said yesterday, I know fuck all about the Hawk, or the HWK-290. In game it has decent hull points, average agility, but the icon bar makes me think we'll see a couple new turret options (which will also be useful on those Y-Wings too.) Can't say I'm 100% on the paint job, but that's easily fixed.
Lastly there's the Lambda Class Shuttle.  Thank goodness it's on a large base, despite what you see in Jedi, it's a big ship, easily the equal of the Falcon or Slave-1.  Decent firepower and plenty of shields mean it should soak up plenty of damage, something the Empire struggle with.  The real juice is in the options available, that new (radar? Sensor?) icon and two co-pilots give it plenty of options.  Despite my dodgy lateral thinking, I can already see some decent combos open up.

So even with my 12-1 loss:win ratio with X-Wing, I still had a tiny wee nerdgasm over some of the spoilers (read the proton bomb text at the bottom of the page.)  Bring on Q3, can someone remind me to keep £100 aside from my June pay?


  1. Just played my first game today, really excellent!

  2. Have you checked the latest update from FFG? Some explanations about the new stuff in wave 3. Like the System Upgrade icon (radar dish looking thing) that allows you to install radar jammers etc. Neat! Also really like the Rebel Captive crew upgrade - very thematic! Also the new advanced proton torpedoes look very nasty, although they cost 6 points and take careful setup to be effective.

  3. This is bad. I haven't bought wave two yet, I am lusting after more wave one. Now I want wave three. Make it stop! Okay don't but this isn't fair.