Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ice Cream Inflation and a Blogger Giveaway

As it was flippin roasting yesterday, the Mrs and I headed down to the beach for a walk.  Once there I offered to get us a couple ice cream cones, as you do.  Now I haven't bought an ice cream in a fair few years, but I was still flabbergasted at the cost £2.20 for a 99!
Tasted really good, but was it that good?

The whole idea with a 99, at least when I were a lad, was that it was 99p!  I suppose that was a fair few years ago now, but still... over £2 was surely a bit steep!  (Ok, I looked it up on Wiki, the 99 came out in the 30s, but they were still 99p when I was a kid!)

Wow, reading that back to myself makes me sound like a right grumpy old man!

So, in an effort to recoup that cash, I've entered Seb's giveaway on his Back To The Minis blog (did anyone notice that spurious segue?)  He's got some spaceships on offer today and I do love me some space combat games!  I think he's got a few more items to give away so keep an eye on his blog over the next couple days.


  1. £2.99 for a cone, I'd have told him to stick it!!

    1. It was £2.20, were you not reading...I wouldn't mind an ice cream about now....it's hot at work!

    2. Whoops! well I would have still told him to stick it!!

  2. I bought four cones recently, not 99's just cones, I needed to do a quick pocket search as the £10 I had was not quite enough (read £2+ shy) but they were nice ;-)


  3. it could have been a lot worse take a look at this