Thursday, 5 July 2012

Venexia Miniatures - Some Good News?

Some good news courtesy of Madaxeman, that Venexia have sold their miniature range to an unnamed American company.  No mention of timescale for any releases, or even if there will be a release, but this is still better than no news whatsoever.

Sadly, progress on my Italian Wars project stalled quite suddenly when Venexia stopped trading.  This was all the more frustrating in when I missed the announcement and so missed the opportunity to pick up all of their excess stock.  Damn.

Great book, but haven't enough figures for a game yet.

There are a few companies out there with a range of 16th century figures, but after looking around, none approach the quality Venexia gave.  Fingers crossed for some more news.


  1. Scale creep, if anyone wants to guess?

  2. I'm glad they've not vanished completely, they do make some nice figures!!

  3. They should be back...we hope, nothing worse than losing figure companies for good!

  4. Good news right enough. Good figures generally, which I discovered recently as I got around to picking up a few just before the announcement that they would stop trading, so at least there's hope I can pick up more.