Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sport, Black Crusade and Sod All Painting

Little in the way of any tangible progress so far this month.  Real life has been relatively busy, but the real cause of my lethargy is the June/July sports schedule!  The Tour has started, taking up any free afternoons I have.  The Tennis occupies any evenings.  the ODI cricket takes up the odd day.  Then there are weekend events like the F1 and MotoGP.  The Mrs has resigned herself to the constant accompaniment of crowd noise, commentator babble and me jumping up shouting "Coom on Andy!" Bless her.

The weather has precluded any outdoor activity this week (holiday tan has gone and it's back to the pasty white look again!) which meant I was able to get a little gaming in.  I've managed to fit in two sessions of Black Crusade, which we are really enjoying.  The characters the players are running have got to the stage where I can introduce some of the nastier enemies Black Crusade has to offer.  The next source book is due out sometime this month, so we're trying to complete the story arc we're on now before starting on the new material.

This guy saw a run out last week.  Nasty.
I'm still keen to have a proper stab at Force on Force, after getting a couple more source books for my birthday last month.  Last week, I tried some solo games using proxy figures, just to get a handle on the rules properly.  After you get your head round some of the abstract concepts (cover, line of sight etc.) the game flows very smoothly.  The problem I've found is that I can't seem to settle on a period or conflict to collect.  I'll leave this alone however until I get a couple other things finished first.

Next week, the main aim is to complete the first unit of Hoplites and, secondly, to get the first batch of Fallschirmjager figures done (although I doubt I'll get them based though.)  Add into the mix a quick Black Crusade session and I'll call that a good week!  We'll see how it goes...


  1. Force on Force and shouting at the TV, can't be bad!

    1. Yeah, but the Mrs had to endure an evenings bad mood after he lost. . .