Friday, 18 November 2011

Gears of War - The Board Game

This finally arrived last week!  And well worth the wait it was too.  Buying this was a timely reminder that, economic crisis aside, it's always best to pay for your internet shopping with a credit card.  I ordered this in October, from unnammed online retailer (*a**a******,) who prompty did nothing with my cash.

A frustrating experience all told, but, I finally got a refund through the credit card company.  In the end though, I bought this from Maelstrom Games, who sent it out the next day!

I planned to put up a review/game report on Gears of War, but, I've been having real difficulty taking decent photos in the evening since the clocks change (damn energy saving light bulbs!)  Hopefully, I'll get the chance over the weekend during the day. If not, the Mrs is much better with a camera than I, maybe she'll lend a hand.

Instead, here's the best looking unboxing video I could find on Youtube:

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