Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Back from holiday - back to decorating!

We've finally made it back home after a few relaxing days visiting some relatives.  Climbed a couple Munros, ate a lot of food and had a couple car trips with the grandparents.

Unfortunately, being home also means that phase two of the decorating is about to commence - promising to bring even more disruption and dispair.  Still, the Mrs tells me that this is the last of the decorating in this house (although I get the distinct impression she wants to move house again soon!)

Still, I came home with plenty of nerdly goodness that will hopefully keep me entertained in between coats of paint and moving furniture.

We had a day trip to Glasgow shopping and, after a quick google search, found Static Games in the Merchant quarter.  A very nice shop with lots of boxed games, rpg stuff and LOADS of wargaming stuff.  I picked up Warlord game's Hail Caesar rules here as well as the Cassino book for Flames of War (I'd forgotten to pre-order it somewhere.)

I could well (and probably would) have blown a LOT of cash here, were it not for the fact that this was one of the unfriendliest shops I've ever been into!  Seriously, having half a dozen people falling silent and stare at someone when they come into your shop does not encourage them to spend their cash there!  And if you're putting stock on the shelves, don't bump past people shopping nearby!  Oh, and try saying hello or make some other form of contact when someone's in your shop - it might make them feel slightly less unwelcome.  I worked in retail for years and this was one of the worst experiences I've had in a shop.

Still, I really wanted the Hail Caesar book, so I guess left with what I'd came in for - I certainly won't be going back though.

On the way home I found Highlander Games in Dundee.  This place was well outside the town centre and doesn't look particularly inviting from the outside!  However, inside I found a very friendly little store.  I'm terrible with names, but I think the assistant was Jamie - who took some time to talk about what games they run, what stock they can order and what services they have.  He was really friendly, asked lots of questions and really knew his stuff - thanks Jamie!  After blethering for a while I had a wander around the store - lots off ccg and rpg stuff; a few boxed games and a little wargaming stuff.  I was really surprised to find these:  

some Dystopian Wars fliers and possibly the last Prussian Sky Fortress in Britain!!!

I was pleasantly surprised by this place - hopefully I'll make it down for a couple of their HoMachine tournaments this year.

I'd also planned to go to Intrepidations in Perth - but they didn't open until three the day I was there.

So a decent trip, hobbywise.  The only thing that's kind of got me down, is that the city where I live doesn't really have a gaming store (aside from Games Workshop)  If cities like Dundee (pop 150K) and Perth (50K) can support decent sized gaming stores, why can't the Granite City?

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