Friday, 29 April 2011

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy - It's Back ! ! !

In an attempt to avoid the wall to wall coverage of the wedding, the Mrs and I had a wander into town for a bit of shopping.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this sitting on the shelf beside Wargames Illustrated and White Dwarf:

I was a regular reader of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy (WSS) until the Spanish publisher pulled the plug on the English edition last year.  Now it's being produced by a Dutch publisher being edited by someone called Guy Bowers.

It's a very promising issue.  It has a nice, unified style to the printing and layout and is printed on nice quality, though not premium paper.

The content is fairly varied with a nice mix of reviews, articles and scenarios spanning a wide timescale (ancients to WW2.)  The theme of the issues is the 1688 Glorious Revolution, which while interesting, is not something I'd consider wargaming.  Fortunately, the theme articles take up only a quarter of the issue (much less than, say, Wargames Illustrated.)  They have an interesting review/battle report using the Operation Squad rules. Lastly, there are entertaining columns from Rik Priestley and Richard Clarke.

I would have liked to see the issue stretch to a few more pages, especially as it's bimonthly (it's only 74 compared to usually over 100 for WI) but that's a fairly minor grumble.  

On the whole, I'm very happy to see this back on the shelves and I'll definitely be getting future issues.

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