Monday, 25 April 2011

Great service from Maelstrom Games

A couple weeks ago, I had a bit of a whine about the service I received from Maelstrom Games.  After posting that, I decided to contact Maelstrom direct; not with any real expectation in mind, more to just have a grumble.

I was surprised to receive a very prompt reply from Dan at Maelstrom, making a couple comments and offering an apology for the hassle.  I was really impressed with his responses, as Dan had cleary read each one and replied with the reasons individually.  They also gave me a small voucher (not much, about 5% of what I originally spent) which I've used on a couple of decent quality brushes.

So, overall, an excellent outcome from Maelstrom and really impressed as to how they responded to my problem.

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