Sunday, 16 February 2014

Updates and some eBay whoring

Going to have to rename this blog "Not Enough Free Time"


First the boring stuff.  Despite being told that my workload (and hence hours) would be greatly reduced over February and March, work is still hectic.  My assistant is pregnant too, which isn't helping (I know pregnancy isn't the same thing as being ill, but in either case, she's absolutely bugger all use at the moment!)  Coupled with the fact that my sporadic insomnia is running rampant, I'm really not getting much done.   Seriously, when my head hits the pillow I instantly burst into wide awake mode; put me on the couch at 7pm with a full belly and I'm out like a light!

Managed to get a couple games in this month though.  Another big game of 5150: Fighter Command last week and a big session of the Lord of the Rings card game at the weekend. Plenty of photos from both 5150 games to come, I just need to get round to fiddling with them first.  A quick preview above.

The Lord of the Rings day was an interesting occasion.  My mate Adam fancied another go so we built a couple decks and rattled through some Khazad-dûm quests.  Adam, who admittedly is a much more experienced card gamer than I, then promptly ruined my theory that the game is too hard by trouncing the first four quests.  He sees combos and synergies in cards that I simply don't, so much so, that I think I was just there for the fun of it; he could have easily beaten some of the quests on his own.  A real eye opener!

Work continues on the 10mm ECW stuff and some figures for the Analogue Painting Challenge bonus round this weekend, but not terribly quick work.  There are a few guys at the club painting up some ECW forces for some FoG:R gaming, with every major force represented. Frustratingly, the thorny issue of basing has reared it's ugly head again.  We eventually agreed normal FoG bases (20mm x 40mm for infantry,) but apparently they're too big with only five figures per base, so some are advocating going back to 15x40mm (the original plan.) However, plenty of us have already bought bases, or even have some completed bases, so the discussion isn't going too smoothly.  I'm sticking with the big bases though, I'm of the thought "if you're going small, go big" when it comes to scale, so I want my pike bases bristling with pointy bits and my muskets looking deadly.  At least I'll always outnumber the enemy?

Lastly, I'm offloading some wargaming odds and sods, mainly WW2 Soviets from Warlord Games.  I'm still not 100% sold on Bolt Action as a game, having sat in on a couple games at the club, it just doesn't really do anything for me.  In any case, certainly not at 28mm. Maybe 15mm and in a different theatre might help, but, no, these guys are going.  My eBay page is here, but if any bloggers out there want to make me an offer, drop me an email.


  1. You should check out Chain of Command. I haven't played yet but the rules and many battle reports I've read lead me to believe that it is much more what I'm looking for.

    1. Took the words out of my mouth :D

      Don't give up on the 28s - shell out the (not very much) for a copy of Chain of Command and give it a go (the campaign system is brilliant, too). I'm sure there's some players in your part of the world.