Monday, 8 July 2013

Things I'm No Good At #4 Photography

It's taken a bit of time for me to get round to it, but I've managed to go through some of the photos I took in Spain.  Oddly, my Father's house is in easy travelling distance of at least five castles, all of them Moorish in origin.  Northwest of Murcia, this region was apparantly the main route to the Spanish interior during the Caliphate and Reconquest, hence all the castles.

Sadly, much like singing, dancing and golf, I am absolutely useless at taking pictures.  And that lack of ability is not, much like singing, dancing and golf, due to lack of any effort on my part.  I've tried, but I simply don't that abstract ability to pick out a view and the skill to take a decent shot of it!

Anyway, here are the best of the pics; Petrer, Sax and Biar castles in all their vaguely in-focus glory.


  1. I think you might be being a tad hard on yourself here! They certainly are quite impenetrable looking fortresses, especially when you look down at the towns below.

  2. Nothing wrong with those photographs mate, beautiful pictures.

  3. Great looking photos and stunning scenery

    Cheers, Ross

  4. The pictures are fine. The Sun glare can be an effect or you just need to shade the lens. My secret to photography is just to get the biggest memory card I can afford and then take a ton of photos. 10 - 20% good ones seems to be the norm for me.