Monday, 8 April 2013

Packing up...

Today I performed the mammoth task of packing away the man corner in preparation for moving house.  Whew.  A hell of a job.  As we'll probably move house again before the year is out, I've separated my hobby essentials and a handful of projects (well, seven) into a sort of portable kit to take with me.  Kudos to BigLee for the idea.

The biggest surprise of the day was just how many miniatures I had tucked away.  The pic above is just loose figures i.e. everything that still isn't in a box or package.  Wow, no idea I had so much stuff!  There's a fleet of spaceships from GZG in there, USMC and Taliban figures from Elheim, 15mm Samurai from Musketeer and dozens of others I can't even identify.

Still, that's the corner packed up; I'd been dreading doing it.  Only another four rooms to go...


  1. Nothing like a house move to rediscover old forgotten minis! Good luck with the move.

  2. House moving is horrid except for the opportunity to sort stuff out. Fun to see what you have discovered in the lead pile though!