Monday, 10 September 2012

Bolt Action Plans

Although I don't have the rule book yet, I've been looking at the options for my Waffen SS force for Bolt Action.  Thanks to a couple great posts on WWPD and the Warlord Games site, you can get a rough idea how many points your force will amount to.

Firstly, my initial force should look something like:

Officer with a radio team and a medic
2 squads each with 1 LMG, 2 smg, 1 assault rifle and 1 Panzerfaust
81mm Mortar team
MG42 HMG team

That should come in at just under 500 points and, handily, includes all the stuff I either have at the moment or have ordered and am waiting for.  Once they've all been painted and (presumably) I've managed to have a few games, I think I'll add in:

PaK 40 team
MG42 team (another one)
Panzerschreck team (or two)
1 reduced squad with 1 LMG and an smg 
Armour, either a Panzer IV or a StuG

That should take the force upto the 1000 point mark.  From this point, assuming I've still got the mojo for it, I'd like to double up the LMGs and add some halftracks for a full panzergrenadier force, drop in some specialist troops like a snipers, flamethrowers or pioneers and maybe .  Based on Scipio's effort  I also really want to paint up a Schwimmwagen (ain't it cute!)

P.S.  Our internet access is still out and the mobile broadband stick I've got is really playing up, hence no photos or WIP shots lately.


  1. I've been doing a list or two, you got to love it especially the birthday list which fills lists like yours!

    1. One thing you can always kill time doing is writing nerd lists!

  2. Nice one! And thanks for the shout :) that sounds like a good, balanced list. I must confess to being obsessed with sticking to the proper KStNs, which means no tanks or AT guns for my mountain troops :( but I might build up a more conventional, less 'niche' force with a list pretty similar to the one you've described. How's the camo going?

  3. Aye, if I was playing something with larger scale forces, I would do a bit more research and stick to a bit more history. At 28mm you really want to add in the fancy stuff though!